Collecting Your Sequestration Pics and Stories

Are reduced hours at commissaries, community centers, day care facilities, DoD schools and other military community support institutions negatively affecting you and your family? Do you want to put pressure on Congress to end the sequestration law that is forcing the DoD to furlough many critical civilian workers, resulting in disruptions to services to military families? Then take some pictures.

The Military Family Association is no slouch at public relations – and they understand very well that a picture is worth a thousand words. A few well-composed photographs can put a lot of pressure on Congress and the DoD to make some changes. Therefore, the Military Family Association is creating a clearing house for you to send your photographs of shuttered facilities, long lines, and other evidence of reduced services due to the sequester.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

  • •  Signs at installation facilities announcing closings or reduced hours.
  • •  Extra long lines at the gate.
  • •  Military equipment in disrepair (There should be no shortage of subject matter, from what I’ve seen recently!)
  • •  Canceled school programs
  • •  Unpaid bills piling up as a result of government furloughs

The Military Family Association would also like to collect photos of your family members holding up signs that detail what your family is going through as a result of sequestration. This was an often-utilized PR tactic during the run-up to the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

The Military Family Association plans to use these photos to create a photo book, which their lobbying staff will hand deliver to each member of Congress. They will also post these photos on the website and make them available for the media. A sharp PR professional at the Military Family Association will no doubt make these images available to every journalist wanting to do a story on how the sequestration provisions affect military families.

To participate, send your photos to, along with  a location and description.

The Association is also asking members to make a splash on Facebook by changing their cover photos to this image and profile pictures to this one.

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