Costco, Sam’s Club Extend Shopping Privileges to Military Members through Shutdown

Prominent grocery discount stores Costco and Sam’s Club have both announced that they will extend membership privileges to uniformed servicemembers free of charge. The privileges will extend at least through the government shutdown that is currently in place. The shutdown has forced commissaries across the United States to close due to the lack of authorized funds to pay staff and even keep the utilities going.

Costco and Sam’s Club aren’t offering free groceries. But they are waiving their usual membership charges for military servicemembers left without a commissary for the duration of the shutdown. (Note: With the DoD now recalling the bulk of its workers, it looks like at least some commissaries are reopening over the weekend.)

Additionally, BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering military members its standard 30 percent discount on memberships. Normally, memberships at each of these wholesalers runs $50.00 per year, give or take five dollars. Additionally, those who buy a membership frequently receive a book of coupons or free product offers amounting to nearly the price of membership.

To take advantage of the offer, bring your military ID. Sam’s Club is also honoring old military IDs and veteran status for the purpose of the offer. According to reporting from, Costco has partnered with a special service called SheerID, a third party that independently verifies military status. To qualify, sign in here.

The offer may be rescinded when your area commissary opens up again. But we’re sure Sam’s, Costco and BJ’s Wholesale Club are all happy to have the chance to earn your future business.


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    I think the membership should be free to veterans at Sam club and Costco

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