Military Pay at Risk as Government Shutdown Looms

Military pay is on the chopping block, if Congress and the President can’t come to a budget agreement in the next five days. Even a brief government shutdown could delay the processing of paychecks for soldiers, and planners aren’t sure when the deadline is to make sure all soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen getting keyed in for pay during the first and second weeks of the fiscal year get paid on time. Apparently the servicemembers and bureaucrats processing servicemembers in combat zones don’t qualify as ‘non-essential.’

Uniformed servicemembers will be required to work through any shutdown, regardless of the funding status of the government. The DoD expects them to receive back pay when Congress finally restores the normal fiscal operations of government.

A government shutdown will likely result in furloughs for thousands of non-essential federal employees. Any furloughed civilian federal employees would likely not be entitled to back pay, though civilians who are required to work through the shutdown would probably receive back pay.

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