Study: 44 Percent of Returning War Veterans Experience Complications on Readjustment

A new study by the Institute of Medicine released today finds that some 44 percent – almost half – of returning war veterans are experiencing problems reintegrating into stateside life.

Here are some of the key findings of the 483-page study:

•  Veterans returning from deployment frequently suffer from a multitude of complicated health issues that present lifelong challenges and hinder readjustment.

•  Many veterans who need treatment are not receiving it. System-wide challenges exist in the delivery of care in both the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.

•  The adverse health effects and economic effects of military deployments are also affecting military families.

•  Unemployment and underemployment are acute problems for military veterans.

•  There is not enough evidence documenting the effectiveness of programs designed to assist OEF and OIF veterans and their family members.

•  The DoD, VA and other federal agencies have not been effective at sharing relevant data.

Unsurprisingly, the research undertaken by the National Institute of Medicine led them to recommend that the Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies fund more research.

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