Tips for Joining the Military

Joining the military is an incredibly personal decision. If you’re considering joining the military, you’ve probably already had several conversations. You’ve likely consulted with family, friends, recruiters, teachers, clergy, or any number of people in your life. The various opinions and priorities that could be swirling around your brain at any one time can make it tough to make a decision.

So, we’re going to lay out a few simple tips for you to help clear the cobwebs and hopefully bring some clarity to your decision-making process.

1. If you’re interested in a particular branch of the service, research it from a few different angles. Talk to recruiters, but if you live near an installation, talk to a service member him or herself.

2. Try the food. Well, not really. But try a strict, regimented eating program if your eating habits are not already pretty disciplined. At basic training, you eat three times a day. Period. No snacks, and nothing besides water to drink. If you’re a coffee drinker, this could be a shock to your system.

3. Get up and at ‘em. It’s not uncommon to be roused at 3 a.m. for a pre-dawn run. You’ve got to be in good physical shape and you’ve got to be able to wake up early.

4. Study, study and study some more. You’ll have the ASVAB to take, and you’ll also have tests throughout basic training and your military career. You’ll get education in the military, but soldiers with college degrees are usually more upwardly mobile through the ranks, so make sure you hit the books. If you’re looking to get a degree while you’re in the military check out some online education options using Military Authority’s school finder.

5. Keep your cool. Every day, you’ll be dealing with a huge variety of people. Some of them will be like you, but most of them won’t. Be patient and level-headed. Your superior officers – the ones giving the orders – may be pretty rough at times. Don’t let it get under your skin. If you’ve got a quick temper, you’ll want to master it before enlisting, or it could very likely get you in trouble.

Those are just a few pieces of advice from people who’ve been there. Need more insight into military life or education? We’ve got it. Find more from Military Authority right here.

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