Transition Offices Help Veterans Find Jobs

Those leaving the Armed Forces are often reluctant to initiate their preseparation activities because they dread the thought of finding a job. It is, however, a common part of American life. Most people change careers at least three times in their lives.

Most Transition Offices have programs and counselors to assist you and your family members in seeking employment in government and the private sector. Job-hunting assistance is available at your Transition Office. Some of the services available at your Transition Office are listed below:

• Counseling: The Transition staff provides individual career development counseling, comprehensive assessment of employment skills, and identification of employment opportunities.

• Services: Transition Offices offer computerized listings of jobs, career workshops, and training opportunities, as well as automated resume writing. Many Transition Offices also provide access to a mini-reference library, word processing, and copying equipment to assist in job search preparation.

• Job banks: Job banks provide information and referrals on temporary, permanent, part-time, and full-time positions in the federal, State, and private sectors. Separating service members are strongly encouraged to start their job search by using the following websites: DoD Job SearchTransition Assistance Program  and Public and Community Service. Whatever you do, start by putting your resume online in the Department of Labor’s job bank under the DoD Job Search website. Employers who are registered with the Department of Labor looking to hire former military personnel go to this website to look for resumes.

• Workshops and seminars: A variety of workshops and seminars are available through your Transition Office to help you and your spouse become more competitive in the job market. Topics include enhancing job search skills, goal setting, and preparation of standard and optional forms for federal civil service employment, resumes, and interviewing techniques.

• Training: Some locations offer occupational skills training for those seeking entry-level classes in typing, word processing, and data entry.

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